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Sign up to our newsletter. Artefacts, including building blocks, souvenir buildings, games, postcards and other printed ephemera convey popular images of the built environment. Audiovisual materials and digital files, many of which are part of archives, document oral histories, lectures and events, buildings, and design processes.

The Collection includes over 3, pieces of architectural printed ephemera ranging from engraved letterheads to admission tickets, mainly from Europe and North America and dating between the 19th and 20th centuries. Many of these items are part of the Robert Biggert Collection of Architectural Ephemera, which includes sugar packets, hotel luggage labels, matchbox labels, poster and postage stamps, all with architectural images, primarily of exhibition buildings, but also of hotels, restaurants, churches, castles, office buildings, factories, banks, and other public and domestic architecture.

Dating Survival. It’s a jungle out there! Come learn how to help your students navigate the “jungle” of relationships in this fun hands-on.

Defeated legislation that attempted to replace beef in school lunches with vegan options. Our work is far from complete, and we remain committed to advocating for ranching in Sacramento and Washington, DC. When you join CCA, you have access to the member-exclusive anaplasmosis vaccine. Save money on this discounted product to protect your herd from the pathogen.

Through CCA’s publications, members receive weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly updates to keep them updated on all that is happening with ranching in the Golden State. Call or fill out the order form online today! Most California ranches have been in the same family for four or more generations. The long-term success of ranching operations requires the careful stewardship of animals and the environment.

California rangelands provide habitat for hundreds of species, endangered and nonendangered, many of which depend on grazing for their habitat.

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The Canadian Chiropractic Association recognizes the responsibility of delineating the standards of ethical and professional conduct expected of all Canadian chiropractic practitioners. The Association acknowledges that the provision of health care is a provincial matter and as such, the ethical chiropractor is obliged by law to practise in accordance with the Act, Regulations, and By-laws of the province in which he or she practises. The ethical foundation of the practice of chiropractic consists of those established moral obligations which ensure the dignity and integrity of the profession and honor its history and tradition.

The ethical chiropractor will accept the moral responsibility to act as his or her own ethicist.

Circa frequently abbreviated ca. or c. and less frequently circ., cca. or cc. – signifies “approximately” in several European languages and is used as a loanword in English, usually in reference to a date. Circa is widely used in historical writing when the dates of events are not.

Sign up to our newsletter. Our library is dedicated to the literature of architecture in its broadest sense, including its professional history, its formal and theoretical elements, and its relationship to the main intellectual currents. This comprehensive approach seeks to document the history of architectural discourse, to promote scholarship and research in architectural history and theory, and to support work of other media within the collection.

One of its early special subject areas was that of early architectural treatises. Documenting the beginning of the modern tradition of enlightened debate about architecture, these Renaissance treatises comprise a collection of international importance. Supporting this material is a large body of Italian regional histories and city guides dating from the beginning of printing into the 19th century.

Particular interest has been paid to the architectural literature of the countries whose culture has contributed to the formation of Canadian culture: England and France. There is an important collection of British country house guides of the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as literature of the English Gothic Revival. There are strong imprints from Germany and The Netherlands, and significant strengths in Eastern European holdings, especially books and periodicals on architecture published in the former Soviet Union.

Comprising over 12, titles – more than half from the past four decades – the collection coverage is intended to be comprehensive and focused on Canadian architecture with emphasis on historic buildings and landmarks, Canadian architects, and architectural firms. The scope includes general histories of localities, businesses, and institutions.

Formats are interesting and varied: monographs, exhibition catalogues, theses, trade catalogues, almanacs, directories, atlases, audio-visual materials, etc. Additionally, two special collections are worth mentioning: the Ernest Cormier Library and a collection of Canadian fire insurance maps, dating from the s to the s, and representing close to cities, towns, and villages throughout the country. There is a comprehensive coverage of architecture throughout the United States from colonial times to the present.

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Morning studios are scheduled from a. After a lunch break, afternoon studios are scheduled from p. All students take Explorations in Drawing as an afternoon studio and choose one of the following for their other afternoon studio. Applications are now open for our program. Please go here to submit your application.

story dating back to the early s in Lee Rasizer, CCA Public Relations Coordinator This article from the Aurora Advocate pre-dates election on the.

When used in date ranges, circa is applied before each approximate date, while dates without circa immediately preceding them are generally assumed to be known with certainty. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Latin loanword meaning “approximately, around”. For other uses of “Ca”, see CA. For other uses of “Cca”, see CCA.

For other uses of “Circa”, see Circa disambiguation. Retrieved 16 July Periods Eras Epochs. Canon of Kings Lists of kings Limmu. Chinese Japanese Korean Vietnamese.

CCA–Dana Ave.

Circa often abbreviated c. It is widely used in genealogy and historical writing, when the dates of events are approximately known. When used in date ranges, a circa is applied before each approximate date, while dates without a circa immediately preceding them are generally assumed to be known with certainty.

The ethical foundation of the practice of chiropractic consists of those established moral obligations which ensure the dignity and integrity of the profession and.

The Consumer Credit Act CCA gives you the right to be sent a copy of your credit agreement and a statement of your account for most loans, credit cards, catalogues, store cards and Hire Purchase agreements. There are further details here about what debts are covered. And although the Act covers overdrafts, the right to have a copy of your credit agreement does not apply to them. Sometimes asking for a CCA agreement is an excellent idea.

But not always. And it is not likely to work if your debt is still with the original creditor, even if it is with a debt collector — asking for the CCA normally only works if your debt has been sold to a debt purchaser. There is a template letter to ask for your credit agreement in this National Debtline factsheet. That factsheet also has a lot of information about CCA agreements and if you have any problems with one, talk to National Debtline.

This is not the same as templates asking for a copy of your personal information or making a Subject Access Request. If you want to find out if the debt is enforceable, use the specific CCA agreement wording.

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Click here to read Part One of this feature. You may have heard this from parents, teachers, and even peers who cite National Service as a death knell for young relationships. Most JC students are undoubtedly at a crossroads in their lives, and couples may eventually split to attend different universities and pursue different paths in life. But what do Rafflesians currently in relationships think of these stereotypes? While some relationships fall apart due to external pressures, others claim that it is the inherent nature of many JC relationships that cause them to collapse on their own.

CCA Code of Ethics. PREAMBLE. This Code of Ethics is based upon the fundamental principle that the ultimate end, and objective of the chiropractor’s.

Christiansen Capital Advisors, LLC CCA is an independent research and consulting firm with expertise in the economics, management, operations, taxation, and regulation of the leisure and entertainment industry. CCA serves a wide range of clients including: privately held gaming operators; large publicly traded gaming corporations; local, state,and federal regulatory agencies and commissions; tribal governments; independent non-profit groups and taxpayer’s associations; and international investment banks and venture capital firms.

CCA maintains a database of all forms of legal, regulated gambling in the United States. For more than three decades our annual summary of gambling industry revenues, wagering trends, and government tax receipts “The Gross Annual Wager of the United States” has been widely cited by industry trade publications and news organizations across North America and around the globe. He has worked as a consultant for the commercial gaming and entertainment industries since , and written extensively on gambling legalization and regulation, the economic impacts of legalized gambling, taxation of gambling and entertainment, Native American gaming, and pari-mutuel wagering.

The Eugene Martin Christiansen Papers, dating from to , contain research files, reports, and presentations about gambling written and collected by Christiansen. Most of the collection is comprised of research files and reports about legalized gambling, casinos, hotels, racetracks, and entertainment venues, including the economic impacts of legalized gaming, popularity of off-track betting, horse and dog racing, table games, gambling addiction, gaming regulation, taxes, lotteries, and Native American gaming.

A complete summary of the items available in the collection can be found online www. In addition to industry consulting and research CCA provides a number of other services including expert testimony and legal support and assistance with academic research. For more information about what CCA has to offer please visit our About page to review our company background and experience.