How to Send Postcards and Packages From Japan: Guide to Japan’s Post Office!

Vintage Japanese postcards give a wonderful view of what Japan and the Japanese used to look like about a hundred years ago. Postcards became unbelievably popular in Japan during the Russo-Japanese War of to The issue of commemorative postcards was a great event. People would line up in front of post offices and wait through the night to be among the first to get these cards. There are even reports of people who died in fights. Collectors had tens of thousands of postcards. After the war ended, postcards became less popular among Japanese, but the boom was kept alive by the increasing number of foreign tourists.

Vintage Japanese postcards

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Yuki Koi. A Geisha and her Cat – Vintage Japanese postcard A hand coloured postcard from around the s. Artist unidentified. Vintage Japanese Postcard. Below, some of my favorites from Art of the Japanese Postcard: What I like about them: the subject matter, their simplicity, and the contrast between the soft background textures and the flat, bold colors of the main subjects. I am drawn to the black outlines in the goldfish card, too- I’ve liked them ever since…. Vintage Japanese postcards — Kewpie s – s.

Love pretty, crafty things? We share DIY craft projects, handmade finds and product news. An interesting vintage Japanese postcard depicting a man and woman in traditional Japanese dress with traditional Japanese foods. Again, probably dates from the s or possibly less likely s. From my personal collection. It is quite old as there is no dividing line or other markings on the reverse.

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Sailors using a sail as a bathtub. From a set of seventeen depicting manga-style scenes of life in the prewar Imperial Japanese navy. Production date s. Production place Published in: Japan. Materials paper.

JAPAN PHOTOS by Philbert Ono

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It does not necessarily reflect the year when the image was taken. All rights reserved. PhotoGuide Japan is a trademark of Philbert Ono. Transmitting from Tokyo, Japan. About Vintage Postcards. Powered by Coppermine Photo Gallery. Early postcard history: Japan’s Postal Service was first established in March Japan’s first postcards, pictured above, were issued in December , a few years after the first postcards were issued in Europe. Click to read more. In , a revision of the postal act allowed private-sector non-governmental postcards to be made and used.

Picture postcards then became very popular and gave rise to a new postcard culture and a new era in postal history. The postcards featured a great variety of subjects: Scenics, women, geisha, war, disaster scenes especially earthquakes , Japanese customs, the Emperor, buildings, animals, etc.

Postcard grading guide

Introduction On February 8, , Imperial Japan launched war against Tsarist Russia and changed the global balance of power. On February 10, Japan formally declared war. Despite the initial surprise attack, the war itself was no surprise.

Letters, postcards. Letters (nonstandard size/standard size postal items) | Postcards. Basic postage of letters (nonstandard size/standard.

A postcard or post card is a piece of thick paper or thin cardboard , typically rectangular, intended for writing and mailing without an envelope. Non-rectangular shapes may also be used but are rare. There are novelty exceptions, such as wooden postcards , copper postcards sold in the Copper Country of the U. In some places, one can send a postcard for a lower fee than a letter. Stamp collectors distinguish between postcards which require a postage stamp and postal cards which have the postage pre-printed on them.

While a postcard is usually printed and sold by a private company, individual or organization, a postal card is issued by the relevant postal authority often with pre-printed postage.

Vintage japanese postcards

Recently one of our readers submitted a group of early twentieth century postcards to our Ask The Experts column requesting help in identifying and evaluating the group. Originally, they were presented as Chinese postcards; however, most are actually Japanese, if not in subject matter, then in origin. It was immediately apparent this small collection was worthy not only of an appraisal, but an article as well.

Their content reflects political and social revolution occurring in both China and Japan. Information crucial to the identification and evaluation of these cards appears on the back of cards. Unfortunately, images showing the back of the cards are not available.

How to Send Postcards and Packages From Japan: Guide to Japan’s Post Office! Date published: 29 January How to Send Postcards and Packages From.

Pre-Stamped Postcards. Imprinted Postcards to First Anniversary of State. Emperor’s 1st Visit to Japan. Completion of Capital. Postal Agreement with Japan. Abolition of Extraterritorial Rights. Government Savings. Postal Life Insurance. Postal Savings. From 1st March Manchukuo issued a series of “imprinted” postcards, this means prepaid cards that had the image of the necessary stamp printed directly onto the card by the Post Office. These cards fell into three main groups, domestic cards, cards for foreign mail and cards printed for use between Manchukuo and China.

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In , a revision of the postal act allowed private-sector non-governmental postcards to be made and used. Picture postcards then became very popular and gave rise to a dating postcard culture and a new era in postal history. The postcards featured a great variety of subjects: Scenics, women, geisha, war, disaster scenes especially earthquakes , Vintage customs, the Emperor, buildings, animals, etc.

Color printing had not been invented yet so hand-painted postcards became very popular up to around the s when offset printing gradually replaced collotype printing. In June , the postal service issued its first commemorative picture postcard. It marked the 25th anniversary of Japan’s membership in the International Postal Union. The postal service later issued more commemorative postcards and stamps for how important events and imprinted commemorative postmarks on letters and postcards for the occasion.

Especially send were postcards commemorating triumphs in the Russo-Japanese War during and the japanese of Emperor Taisho. During the war with Russia, people lined up all night in front of post offices how new war-related commemorative postcards went on sale. Postcard exchange meetings were held and many collectors had tens of thousands of postcards.

However, after the war ended, the postcard boom waned in Japan. Meanwhile, foreign tourists visiting Japan continued to send souvenir photographs and postcards send home. Because of them, many postcards the postcards that were published were able japan escape and survive the natural earthquakes and man-made World War II japan Japan was to experience later on.

postcards (773 total)

In perhaps the largest mail drop in art history, Leonard A. Lauder gave 20, postcards to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in Two things are striking about them other than their range, wit and beauty: how slyly self-referential many of them are and how many ways they find to be self-referential.

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A postcard from a far-away country is one of the most exciting things to find in your mailbox! Likewise, sending a postcard to friends and family at home sometimes is worth more than a souvenir. In theory, it’s a simple enough process: buy a pretty postcard, write something beautiful, get a stamp, and head off to a mailbox or post office! That process is the same in Japan, but where to buy stamps? How expensive are things?

One big worry is: how should we write the address since Japan uses characters and not the alphabet?

Dating Japanese Vintage Postcards

If you work with Japanese picture postcards as historical source material, you have probably noticed that most surviving cards lack postmarks and other temporal indicators. This post provides a guide to estimating the age of these revealing artifacts, based on printing conventions that conformed to international and Japanese postal regulations. This post also provides several examples and explanations of Japanese postmarks.

Japanese postcards did not shy away from the hardship and sacrifice the war imposed on up-to-date Western as well as Japanese fashions and hairstyles.

The Re-Envisioning Japan collection began in with a search for photographic images of early 20th century Japan that might bring the landscape and life of that period into sharper focus. As a result, postcards from the s – s that were readily available through online auctions seeded the collection. I was originally drawn to postcards as visual records of place but soon came to appreciate the many ways that they connect us to the past.

Postcards are a versatile format. They encompass a variety of subgenres: snapshot news communications; souvenirs of events, people, and places; casual greetings, pen pal exchanges, or missives that are deeply personal. At least seventeen subgenres make up this object category in this collection, roughly falling into the border-crossing threads that characterize this project: e. These categories are only examples of the rich diversity that characterizes this mode of communication.

Others are notable for their personal messages, reminding us of the days when the postcard was ubiquitous as a global unit of personal communication.

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